Ask away….



14 Baby portair tattoos gone bad..(3rd from last isn't as terrible as rest)


sara blake

Just have fun with life….

tumblr eh?

It’s been months since I’ve used this….. even now I don’t see much of a point but atleast two people I can recall have asked me about my Tumblr in the past week…so here we are….

Only thing I really have to say at the moment is some people take themselves to seriously…or maybe just life…. Try letting go of whatever -ism it is that’s got your goat today…

After loads of thinking

I finally realize what I want to do musically….I just simply want to make sad music for a sad word…….Let the antipop revolution begin.

miss you dude

i should be in town after friday

DO IT!!!!!!

You sir, have changed my life for the better. you may not or may never know. but i thank you for it. just keep being you. we will all find our way some day.

I wish more people felt that way, but thank you.

DO IT!!!!!!

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